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Ev News has been developed by Royal Holloway University to help people with macular degeneration read news articles more easily.  It was designed to support the use of reading using the eccentric viewing technique, whereby the reader holds their gaze slightly away from text scrolling right-to-left like a newsfeed.

Get started

Simply select one of the news channels and then try reading the text while looking above or below the line.

The speed and direction of scrolling is controlled by your mouse or track-pad.  The settings wheel allows you to choose fonts, size and colours (black on yellow is a popular choice).

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At the moment this is a free prototype and we are keen to hear from users about features that they would like to see in future releases. So, please click here to rate Ev News and send us your feedback.


Ev News was the idea of Professor Robin Walker and was funded by Royal Holloway, University of London.  It was produced by Codica.